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Pink Spa Clay Mask

Pink Spa Clay Mask

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Pink Spa Clay Mask

(cruelty-free, zero paraben and zero sulfates).

Stop - no more face scrubbing. Detox your skin and pull out those bacteria toxins that cause break out, inflammation, and dark markings.

You really are overdue for a pure deep cleaner, with chemical free ingredients and absolutely no animal testing. Are you ready for brighter and clearer skin?

Are you tired of getting a pimple and just when you think it is about to deflate or diminish, dang its back and sore. It’s is actually in the same spot, that you have spots.

The re-occurrence is due to failure to use to proper skin care that remove toxins from under the layers of derma, and heal the surface. Our pink Kaolin, White Kaolin and Strawberry powder base is designed to pull the toxins and regenerate healthy glowing skin growth.

You will see your large pores shrink before your eyes. We didn’t come to play with you on this clay. We are proud of the development, that took months to make perfect. Perfect up to use for all skin types.


Remove enough clay for your face and neck and place in a small glass, plastic, or paper cup. Apply to the face with a silicone brush (smooth and bristle free, no animal hair). Allow to dry for about 15 minutes.

Best to apply before bedtime and finish with our Vitamin C Face Serum.