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Rosa Hydrating Cream (Face, Under Eye, and Neck) Crema Hidratante

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Rosa Hydrating Cream is for all skin types. Brief: Hydrates, Brightens Under Eye, Acne Scars and Hyperpigmentation.

SOBE products are waterless, chemical free, sulfate free and zero nasties.100 percent plant based ingredients - All hues are natural from plant oils. We use natural plant healing herbs to brighten and hydrate instead of harsh chemicals.

A vegan moisturizer rose cream, exploding with organic roses (rosa canina /rose hip oil), hibiscus (plant Botox), natural AHA's, and plant retinol - anti-aging antioxidants that enhance the appearance of dehydrated skin and under eye dark circles. The healing and nourishing properties are numerous. This cream is perfect for all skin types but a boost in one for hyperpigmentation and stubborn dark circles. Infused with natural plant skin brightening herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine instead of the commercial hydroquinone brightener with dangerous bleaching chemicals.

Dry skin is restored and suppleness to the skin is enhanced.

In addition, it also increases the skin penetration of any cosmetic ingredients, as a primer, which can be particularly useful when feeding the skin antioxidants. The smell is amazing, a subtle sweet floral smell combined with some of the best smelling essential oils that benefit the skin.

Apply gently around your eyes - do not let get in your eyes. Although zero chemicals, the oils can be irritating inside the eye as any product generally does cause discomfort.




Butyrospermum Parti, Hibiscus, Cocos Nucifera, Rosa Canina Oil, Olea Europaea and other proprietary natural ingredients.