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FBK Glow Regimen

FBK Glow Regimen

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Men’s Skincare :
Full Size

Organic plant based ingredients
All skin types


Includes face wash, face serum, body butter, bath salt in a travel bag.

Face and Beard Wash

cleanser for all skin types, including facial hair, specifically developed to nourish men skin and prevent hair bumps and breakout.

Face Serum (Calendula and Chamomile)
Everyone needs oil on their skin, especially those with oily skin. The right oil is food to the skin and when you exhume too much oil your skin thirst for it in order not to breakout and scar.
*non-pore clogging, a cleansing, healing and calming oil reducing inflammation and redness
*Calendula and Chamomile reduce acne
*heal scrapes
*razor cuts
*prevent hair bumps and breakou
*fast healing burns
Leaving your skin feeling silky, smooth and smelling amazing.

Black Bath Salt 
Adding a small amount of black salt to your cleanser or scrub imparts a distinct glow to your skin. For best results, you need to do this every night just before you sleep.
*It opens up clogged pores
*Black Salt For Skin, Hair, And Body
* Sore, tired muscles, ease joint pain
*Workout or just because body exhaustion
* Improves anemia
* Builds immune system
* Relieves eczema and psoriasis
* Boosts natural hair growth

Men’s Body, Face and Beard Balm
Hemp seed and Matcha base
* Tighten pores
* Nourishing and super absorbent and long lasting for dry skin
*Cracked and dry elbows, knees, feet
*Increase blood circulation
*Detangle and soft beard
*Increase facial hair growth
*Shiny and clean facial hair