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It's Pinky VJJ Detox
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It's Pinky VJJ Detox

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VSTEAM the VJJ keep it “PINKY”💕

3 Small satchels are enclosed.

100% Organic Herbs from all over the world, based of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Due to the owner former Vajayjay Spa customers requests, who she provided V-Steams, we now have the Vsteam Detox herbs in a bag “It’s Pinky” to your home.


The Vsteam is a medicinal, homeopathic process for women to naturally keep the VJJ healthy by steaming with the “right” herbs that detox the vagina and uterus of toxins that off set your VJJ PH (too acidic) - whew that was a lot!


Healthy as in free of :

regular UTI

yeast infections



loose Lucy


Painful and long period

heavy and thick discharge




A few immediate restrictions are:

1)Do not use if pregnant

2)Do not use on cycle

3)Do not use if you have a yeast infection .


VSTEAM the VJJ keep it “PINKY”💕

Some suggestions for a healthy VJJ:

1)Stop using fragrance shower soap on the vagina. Only wash the between the lips with your hand and water!

2)If you choose to wash with a wash cloth, be sure it is white and do not reuse.

3)Be careful with latex condoms they can cause UTI

4) A dirty Dick, finger, and tongue (tooth decay, bacteria in gums uggggh) is likely to cause a UTI or yeast infection.


Want a healthier and tighter VJJ?

Want tightening herbs in your Detox Spa?

Purchase today from a Chic who is known as Olivia of the VJJ.

Consult your physician before participating in this medicinal Vsteam regime. We are not responsible for any medical issues as we are not claiming to be medical personnel or providing medical diagnosis.

Ingredients: Organic Herbs Proprietor Ingredients. Some include: Syringa Vulgaris, Leonurus (Motherwort), Pau D’ Arco, and Rosa Canina.