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Hair and Scalp Oil - All Plant Stimulants
Hair and Scalp Oil - All Plant Stimulants

Hair and Scalp Oil - All Plant Stimulants

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Healthy Hair Growth and Scalp Treatment

Healthy scalp = Healthy hair

Allow is to show you how to stimulate hair growth, slow greying, eliminate dandruff, bacteria and itching. Our scalp and hair growth oil is packed with all natural plant oils and cold pressed .  A special proprietary blend of essentials oils from medicinal studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ayurveda make up this oil . Your hair will be easier to comb and style.

All hair types will experience a calm scalp, shine and stronger hair, Natural curly hair will stretch and bounce. 



1) Stimulate the scalp to grow hair 

2) Cleanse your scalp with our natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic plant

2) Open follicles blocked with dead skin, dandruff and sebum

3) Reduce and prevent premature graying from pigment loss

4) Reduce hair loss

5) Treat and prevent bacterial and fungal growth

6) Reduce and Reverse grey roots

Usage Routine: 

Apply a tablespoon as a hot oil treatment from the scalp all the way to the ends. Lleave overnight or for the day rinse with warm water . Do not use shampoo afterwards.

Massage into the scalp  and ends and style.