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Body Polish (Hibiscus and Rosemary)

Body Polish (Hibiscus and Rosemary)

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It’s the ultimate natural glow-up! 

SOBE body polish give a spa-fresh experience - with essential oils of Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Rosemary, Mint, Sugar and Himalayan Salt Crystals - feels ooh so freakin luxurious as it gently smoothes away dry cells, flakes and toxin impurities on the skin and clogged to reveal the glowing skin beneath. Your pores will open and release toxins that you will feel leaving your body as you have a cool refreshing moment. SOBE Body Polisher leaves skin looking toned, radiant and hydrated. There is no need to use another moisturizer after this polish. Just towel dap and get dressed.

Additional benefits

Rosemary kills bacteria, brighten and replenish skin cells.

Allow us to show you how to detox the skin and booty (over 14 years of age).

Brighten stretch marks, prevent butt acne, cleanse and soften pelvic area

Exceptional to use after waxing as an exfoliate to prevent hair bumps

Made with 100% vegan, 100% organic ingredients.

Exfoliate ladies and gent! Renew, Brighten, and Soften the Skin. Exfoliating the skin reduce cellulite, brighten dark marks (blemish marks), brighten and prevent booty acne!


Maintaining good hygiene is a great way to prevent many disease processes and bacteria growing on the skin. However, good hygiene alone may not be enough to prevent and reduce butt acne also know as butte. A solution is to exfoliate the bottom and bikini area with a gently and pure - chemical free - scrub. A scrub that has essential herbs and oils designed to kill bacteria and reduce - diminish scarring to your melanin.

A gentle scrub of our body polish or eucalyptus scrub during a shower will maintain a healthy PH on the bottom, which will prevent acne to feed on sebum which makes them grow fast in the skin. You should always take a shower especially after you sweat so as to keep clean and fresh. The sweat from a workout has bacteria from your clothing and with the friction of movement you are agitating the skin with bacteria.

  • Exfoliating is very important since as it helps to open up the skin.

  • After exfoliating with our scrubs you do not need to use any other product. Your skin will be moist. But you should mist with our pure Rose Water does not clog skin pores.

  • Restrain for soaps, especially perfume. The knock out your PH and leave you open for fungus and pimples.

  • Avoid heavy lotions that can easily clog pores.

  • It is important for you to eat a healthy diet with lots of greens and low-fat food. Occasionally, detoxify your body by drinking fresh juice. Water is also important so drink at least eight glasses per day so as to keep your body hydrated. Eat food which can supply your body with vitamin A, B5, C, and E.

  • Wear clean loose fitting undergarments. They allow circulation of air as compared to the tight ones. Bacteria thrive in moist places.

  • Sitting down for long can also cause acne. This is because you trap heat and moisture from sweat making your butt suitable for bacteria


Age of usage is beginning at 14 in the puberty stage. Do not apply body scrubs to children before they reach puberty. Do scrub your face.

Scoop in clean hands during a shower and gently rub in a circular manner until it began to dissipate. Rinse off during the shower and air dry or gently towel dry. You will not need to add any moisturizer.

Apply after shaving or waxing.

Use up to 3 times during a 7 day period. Do not apply to an open blemish or sore. You can begin to dry out the open blemish with crushed aspirins and lemon juice.

Consult your physician to assure you can use any ingredients listed