Rosewater Aloe Toner with Hibiscus

Rosewater Aloe Toner with Hibiscus 

SOBE Rosewater Aloe with Hibiscus Toner is a top seller  - the purest, most effective and gentle toner on the market. Our rosewater is organic (pesticide free) and is derived from the steam distillate of the roses farmed in Lebanon.  Vitamin C extract is also added to promote nourishment and provide the complexion with a healthy glow.

Our rosewater is 100% plant based and handcrafted in-house with a proprietary blend of organic ingredients. SOBE rosewater is cruelty-free and free of preservatives and artificial coloring.  Consistently apply rosewater twice daily for optimum results. Your toner should be the next step following cleansing your face and neck.