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It’s A Man’s World Bath Salt

It’s A Man’s World Bath Salt

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Men! A bath salt just for him to scrub rough and dry areas, will be soak in and relieve muscle and joint aches.

There is absolutely nothing girlie about the Men’s Bath Salt! A special blend Black lava salt aka 'kala namak, Sea Salt, Magnesium and organic herbal essential blends were developed to :

1) Reduce inflammation

2) Soothe joint, muscle aches and soreness associated with exercise or work regiment .

3) Increase blood circulation

4) Relieve and breakdown calcium build up of adhesions.

100% natural ingredients. Zero chemicals, dyes or synthetic ingredients or fragrances .Organic and pure ingredients that are safe and effective, yet gentle for most skin types. Scented with Essential oil blends and ideal for the ultimate tension release.

Soak in a tub for about 20 minutes with water above the waist or just your feet. Men you will feel amazing and your skin will be hydrated and moisturized. The benefits are countless !