Hibiscus Rose of Sharon

A face and neck oil that leaves you enriched with brightness. All skin types.

Hibiscus Vitamin-C Serum is a rich moisturizer formulated to nourish and gently hydrate your skin. It is packed with Vitamin C, which derives from specific botanicals and fruit flowers that produce antioxidants. Hibiscus, Rosa Canina, Geranium and additional uplifting organic essentials are infused to rejuvenate your complexion and mood. 

The beautiful rich violet hue is all natural from the cold pressed botanicals. The fragrance is light and a delightful floral, naturally pulled from plants. The hues of the hibiscus and rose oils combined, deliver a energetic natural glow. Although this serum is rich, it is light and fast absorbing.  

SOBE is clean skincare. Some other benefits:
  • waterless
  • free of synthetic and artificial coloring and fragrance.
  • free of sulfates, phthalates, free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens